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Nichiden’s products plays an important role in many different fields.

Nichiden’s Product List

Solenoid valves on which Nichiden’s efforts are focused as leading products are produced through the design based on elaborate studies, and under the precision working along with cautious quality controls. We as an industry have been constantly evolving, and have been providing our customers with the best quality products; mainly solenoid valves for refrigerants, water systems, hydraulics, and other various types.

Solenoid Valves


Solenoid valves are the main products of our company. Each design is based on in-debt study, and is produced with high degree of precision machining and careful quality control. Our valves are stable in operation, have reliable valve closure, and is highly rated because of its long operating life.

  • -For Refrigerants (Freon, Ammonia, CO2)
  • -For Water/Air
  • -For Brine/Air/Steam
  • -For Fuel (Kerosene, Heavy Oil, Gas)
  • -For Hydraulic Uses
  • -Accessories

Motor-Operated Ball Valves


VMB Motor-operated Ball Valve is developed by Nichiden specialized in the production of automatic controlling devices through the rich experience and the expert skill in fluid control engineering. VMB is a small size valve, of two way with sturdy construction designed for two position controlling.

  • -For Refrigerant (Freon)
  • -For Cold/Hot Water
  • -For Cold/Hot Water, Brine, Steam, Air, Oil
  • -For Cold/Hot Water, Brine, Steam Air, Oil, Fuel Gas
  • -For Cold/Hot Water, Steam
  • -For Water, Brine

Manual Valves


These valves are entirely changed and improved into compact and lighter new models by our rich experience and technology.

  • -Diaphragm Type Packless Valve (VPD)
  • -Bellows Type Packless Valve (V)
  • -VB Type Ball Valve

Automatic Valves


These valves are specially designed for refrigeration and air conditioning applications. They are highly reliable products developed based on our experiences over the years.

  • -ZGV Type Check Valve (ZGV, ZGV-C; For Refrigerants)
  • -Service Valve (ZVH, MCV)

Tool for Air Conditioner


Making full use of refrigerant control technology cultivated from our long history, we are also participating in the field of air conditioning tool.


Electronic Control Circuit Board


Nichiden control technology is also active in the electronic field.

-Refrigerated Related Equipment

-Vehicle Control Equipment

-Kitchen Related Equipment

-Living Environment Equipment

-Compressed Air Dehumidifier Equipment

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