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Meeting the customer’s needs from design to delivery in a smooth flow; by thorough quality management and making high customer satisfaction products

Nichiden’s Equipment

Our company has reliable technology and consistent production lines corresponding to all the needs of our customers. High quality and customers’ trust is Nichiden’s mission.

Equipment Introduction


CNC lathe Automated welding machine
CNC lathe with bar feeder Nitrogen atmosphere brazing furnace
Vertical machining center High frequency welding machine
Tapping center Brass plasma welding machine
Flexible machining center with multiple stations Other various welding machines
Machining center cell system Automated assembly equipment
Automatic high-speed precision saw machine Automatic surface treatment equipment
Thermal deburring machine Automatic waste water treatment
Automatic copper tube cutting machine Helium leak test equipment
Other various machine tools Other performance test equipment
Ultra-high pressure compressor

Testing and Research Facility

Constant temperature and humidity control equipment Salt spray test equipment
Vibration tester machine Pressure test equipment
Thermal shock testing equipment Coordinate measuring machine
Constant voltage, constant frequency testing equipment Expanding video system
Noise measuring chamber Measurement data wireless input management system
Steam test equipment Cylindricity measuring machines
Environmental test equipment Contour/surface roughness measuring system
Valve flow measuring equipment Electronic balance
Cold water, hot water, and air valve endurance equipment Ultra-high accuracy spring tester
Refrigeration test equipment RoHS X-Ray fluorescence analyzer
Ultra-high pressure water valve endurance test equipment Electronic circuit measuring equipment
Ultra-high air pressure air tester (25MPa, 70MPa) Various electrical measuring instrument
Pure water production equipment Various mechanical tests measuring equipment
Hydraulic equipment testing Temperature rise automatic measuring device

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